Tim Dodd, “A day in the life of everyday astronaut”.

For photographer Tim Dodd everything started with an online auction where he successfully bid $300 for a jet pilot flight suit. From that moment the ambitious creative project “Everyday Astronaut” took form as three series: "A day in the life of everyday Astronaut”, where an astronaut finds himself occupied with the monotony of everyday life, “Getting to space” where the protagonist is intent on devising a means of getting to the moon, and “No Photoshop” in which each shot depicting the improvised pilot, unlike the other two series, isn’t modified with Photoshop and so makes set preparation arduous.

By reframing the character, places and objects Tim Dodd, like a true Kids, frees his imagination, creating a series of images that are ironic, surreal and sometimes melancholy.

You can see the complete series of Tim Dodd’s work at timdoddphotography.com