Alicia Framis, “Lost Astronaut”.

The project “Lost Astronaut”, created by Alicia Framis for Performa 09 in New York, explores travelling to and living on the moon, and women’s role in this. In this performance-installation Framis launches her own lunar mission where her alter-ego wears an ex-soviet union 1970’s space suit for several weeks, wandering around New York and portraying various scenarios scripted by a large group of local artists and writers. During Art Unlimited Framis exhibited a reconstruction of the Lost Astronaut base camp, installed at 15 Wooster Street.

At a time when it looks like settlement in space could be scientifically possible, Alicia Framis takes an ironic and fictional look at the evolution of architecture and interior design that would be necessary for a permanent stay on the moon.

You can see the complete series of Alicia Framis’ work at: