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How to find and contact the Kids

Team Member

TAG - via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6
20139 Milan, Italy
Tel. (+39) 02 87169099

For new business enquiries:


Team Member

Rome branch
TAG - via Giuseppe Andreoli, 9
00195 Rome, Italy
Tel. (+39) 06 92949247

For new business enquiries:
Federico Ruberti


Team Member

Bucharest branch
TAG - Strada Ion Brezoianu 23 -25
Bucharest, Romania
Tel. +40 (735) 260171

For new business enquiries:
Marco Callero


The KIDS are looking
for new playmates.

The only rules for joining the club are:
To understand the rules
To want to play
To never complain
To have a new idea every day
To be top of the class

If you like the rules and think you have talent, then send us your CV and a selection of work from your portfolio.