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    Restyling fundraising
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  • Services:
    art direction, UX/UI, responsive website
To be transparent in the non-profit jungle.

The difference between a non-profit organisation that leaves the receipt of donations to chance and one that knows how to transform interests into donations is found in: competence in the principles of UX/UI which transforms accesses into donations, target insight (who donates and why), and an ability to demonstrate transparency in the allocation and spending of funds. These principles were the foundation of the creative proposal presented by The Kids Road for WWF fundraising. From harmonising the sites, which over time had been created for single fundraising campaigns, to designing the interface, the creative proposal presented by The Kids Road was designed and developed around the deepened analysis of the “participatory” context that surrounds the non-profit world. The aim was to expose the destination of recourses in a more immediate manner, make the methods for donation easily accessible, to adequately speak with different targets keeping in mind that most donations come from adults whilst children, for reasons relating to the availability of money, time and lifestyle, prefer to support organisations through voluntary work and personal commitment.