• Client:
    Scudo Investimenti SG
  • Project:
    Fondo Scudo Arte Moderna
  • Date:
  • Services:
    art direction, concept design, btl
Investing in a great passion.

Fondo Scudo Arte Moderna is a mutual investment fund for works of art, it is managed by Scudo Investimenti SG, a San Marino based law firm. The Kids Road designed and created a catalogue for Fondo Scudo, taking material which was initially almost exclusively used to communicate financial data, and transforming it into an instrument that told a story filled with beauty, creativity and passion. By reproducing the texture of canvas onto the pages and accompanying the text with words on art and the creative process, as spoken by the great masters of modern and contemporary art, The Kids Road gave the term “interest” back its emotional power with regards to investment choices in art.


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