• Client:
    Rubinetterie Ritmonio
  • Project:
    Diametro 35 Inox launch campaign
  • Date:
    may 2015
  • Services:
    brand line image, product brochure, responsive website, display advertising, media planning and buying.
Diameter 35 inox: 35 ways to say design.

Diametro 35 is the product that has, more than any others, established itself as a symbol of the Ritmonio brand. The launch of the Inox version indicates a new phase in its experience within the world of design. From its innovative spirit, which has today become experience, a new line is born that is more than a product or a name, it is a concept that will not only continue to represent the brand but will also become the brand’s icon.

ritmonio d35
ritmonio d35
ritmonio d35

ritmonio d35