• Client:
    Loft Studio Cerere
  • Date:
    2013 - to date
  • Services:
    art direction, concept design, branding logo design, btl, responsive website
Quality and professionalism for wellbeing.

An old bakery in San Lorenzo has become a place of alternative culture, developing in the throbbing heart of post industrial Rome, within reach of the university and an alternative cultural scene. It is in this context that the inspiring loft space holds courses in Pilates, Yoga and floor exercise. A place dedicated to the wellbeing of body and mind, a content island where “being” is central and is well taken care of by the professionals surrounding it. The Kids Road was asked to give a voice to the sacredness of the physical from, not intended as a performance but to pay attention to each aspect of a person, a sacredness that starts in the veins, muscles and tendons, moving through the body to reveal itself in a peaceful and balanced mind.

loft studio cerere
loft studio cerere