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    IHC Hotel's websites
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  • Services:
    art direction, UX/UI responsive websites, digital magazine
Italian Hospitality Collection.

IHC, Italian Hospitality Collection brings together hotels, resorts and spas that form the essence of Italian hospitality. They are chosen from the best spas and most historic hotels in Italy and each special location has its own atmosphere and character derived from its history, territory and traditions.

With the objective of rationalising the relationship between institutional websites and the websites of each resort, the proposals developed by The Kids Road saw the former focused on communicating exclusivity, experience and the development of the territory as a theatrical stage for the collections, and the latter orientated around the presentation of the wealth of choice and the immediacy of the booking process

With regards to the development of the UX / UI, when taking into account data concerning the most recent developments of web navigation within the travel sector, it was suggested that an Adaptive technology should be used, this being more advanced than the simple Responsive technology as it is able to vary contents depending on the device used, for example, rendering the resorts’ galleries equally accessible to customers booking through either mobiles or tablets.