• Client:
    Difa Cooper
  • Project:
    restyling of Cosmetici Magistrali's products section
  • Date:
  • Services:
    UI/UX, responsive development
Your skin lets you know.

Cosmetici Magistrali is a line of skin care products by Difa Cooper. The products are made from natural components, without aggressive or sensitising ingredients, which respect the epidermis. Cosmetici Magistrali products are created to guarantee absolute effectiveness and to assure maximum well being.

The Kids Road was asked to organise the entire navigation system for the line’s catalogue, and to make the discovery of those products specifically relevant to the clients’ individual needs a pleasant and functional process. To that end a “timeline” was created which presented the products in a quick and intuitive manner, dividing them by “pathologies” relevant to the age groups.

The elaboration of a chromatic palette in line with the institutional guidelines reinforced the categorisation of the products and made the entire catalogue clearer.

Difa Cooper