• Client:
    Carrefour Italia
  • Project:
    Hypermarket Carugate (MI) event
  • Date:
    december 2015
  • Services:
    motion graphics, digital commercials, flash-mob, in-store event, btl, social media (Periscope, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
Carugate Effect: flash mob + in-store event.

The experience offered by the new Carrefour hypermarket in Carugate is unique in its genre, it represents the experiential and technological innovation in the new way to shop. Carrefour entrusted The Kids Road with the task of presenting the public with an innovative, unexpected and interactive campaign. Objective: to stimulate the attention of the hypermarket’s catchment area, to create a model of communication that could be replicated across Europe, making the inauguration unique, exactly like this new hypermarket... and all in 28 days!
We dealt with all the creative and productive phases of the project, from the teaser (via a flash mob in the centre of Monza and in the underground station) to activation (on-the-road and on Instagram), from the event itself (live Periscope, animation, cooking show) to the follow up (social), and bringing to the project two exceptional testimonials: actress Valeria Graci and Chef Gianfranco Vissani.

carrefour carugate
carrefour carugate

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