What is Service Design?

"When there are two coffee shops right next to each other, each selling the same kind of coffee at the exact same price, Service Design is what makes you walk into one and not the other." (Mark Fonteijn)

Another way of thinking.

The Kids Road is a Service Design Firm, a multidisciplinary company that combines different tools from various disciplines ranging from social sciences to business, from design to technology, to help companies generate ideas, innovative services, and new sources of profit.

Why Service Design?

Because your brand doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to stand out from competitors by improving its offerings, communicating its goals in a better way, or providing innovative new services.


Making your service useful, usable, effective and desirable.

Understanding: helping you to identify the problem and generate ideas.

Defining: designing products and services that solve the problem.

Prototyping: testing the solution with customers and improving it through engagement

Delivering: creating tools and materials that deliver your services more efficiently, creating print materials, digital and interactive projects, advertisements, events, and brand experiences that communicate for what you stand for.


We work on increasing Business with solutions that combine:


TKR Banking

Is the unit specialized in Brand Strategy and internal branding culture for the Banking Industry. Our team of strategists, designers, and analysts work together with banks to help them plan, develop, and bring useful and innovative services to the market that merge technology and creativity that are able to improve engagement with clients.

Ideas in The Making

Is the The Kids Road unit dedicated to research, training, and publishing. A laboratory of continuously evolving ideas where research and knowledge are the primary motor of development for new projects and creating new opportunities for companies.

TKR Creative

With a dedicated creative team, creates and plans cross-media communications campaigns ranging from traditional to digital advertisement, from events to BTL.

TKR Brasil

Is the unit for companies interested in exporting their brand into the South American country and vice versa. It is a division that makes use of onsite, qualified associates that are able to facilitate and offer logistics support and consulting for all companies aiming to have business and communications in one of the planet's most growing economies.